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Taxation  Services

find opportunities for significant tax saving. Our target customers includes:

Individuals and Unincorporated Business
Other entities


Taxation Services
 Individual Tax Return, preparation and filing with IRD (not including profits tax  computation for sole proprietorship) 1,500 per annum
 Profits Tax Return, Tax Computation and Filing FREE (if auditing or accounting services)
 Employer' s Annual Return 300 (plus $30 per set for each employee
 Property Tax (not including attending the Board of Review) 1,000 - 5,000
 Tax investigation and field audit Provide upon request

Note : The above fees are for guidance only.Actual fees are based on the size of the company and our man-hours of work involved.

Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department – All Types of Annual Tax Returns

  • BIR51 Profits Tax Return - Corporations (Final Assessment and Provisional Payment)
  • BIR60 Tax Return - Individuals
  • BIR60 Part 3 - Property Tax
  • BIR60 Part 4 - Salaries Tax
  • BIR60 Part 5 - Profits Tax (Unlimited)
  • BIR60 Part 6 - Personal Assessment
  • BIR56 A, B & M Employer's Return of Remuneration and Pensions
  • BIR57 Property Tax Return - Property Jointly Owned or Co-owned by individuals
  • I.R.C.1931 Assessment Demanding Final Tax

Other Tax Services

  • General tax advisory
  • Professional tax declaration assistance
  • Provision of tax planning and advices
  • Provision of relevant information for reference
  • Reminders of tax declaration for Hong Kong Limited Company
  • Serving the post of Tax representive and answering the inquiries from Inland Revenue Department
  • Hong Kong audit service
  • Hong Kong audit report
  • Hong Kong profits tax





 Hong Kong audit report | Hong Kong profits tax


The above mentioned prices are for reference only and the final quotations
may vary subjected to different terms and conditions of the case.
Enquiries are welcome by phone or email. Onward & Co., C.P.A. reserves the
rights to alter and amend the quotation.
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